Website Development Trends Which Are Prevailing In 2016

Website Development Trends Which Are Prevailing In 2016

We are now halfway down in the year 2016 in the past few months we have already noticed some vital changes but experts predict that there is still way more to come this year and some trends have already started to lay their feet in the website development strategies.

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So let us have a look at some website development trends which are prevailing today.

Motion User Interface Or Motion UI

Motion UI is majorly used today for creating animations quickly and CSS transitions. By using a Motion UI you can easily make an app’s transition look rich with predefined motions.

Today Motion UI has become one of the most preferred libraries by developers.

Advanced Platforms Mean New Responsive Design

Today a lot of new techs and gadgets are emerging in the market which has changed the way websites used to be accessed.

Responsive design is no longer restricted to a particular platform now as there are a plethora of various devices, screens and integrated wearable devices such as Apple watch, Google Glass and Oculus Rift which are the most trending gadgets today. This has changed the definition of responsive design and has urged developers to come up with some new design trends.

These are just a few website development trends which are mentioned here, experts predict that there is way more to come in the year 2016. So as a website developer you should always be ready to face the changes as well as challenges.

Focusing Weight Loss? Structured Diet Plan Can Be Beneficial

Focusing Weight Loss? Structured Diet Plan Can Be Beneficial

A good plan is like a road map: it shows the final destination and usually the best way to get there.” H. Stanely Judd

Just as the saying, a good diet plan will help you attain weight loss in the proper manner. Today most of us have a busy life and no doubt we are attracted to a number of unhealthy and easy to get food around us. So having the right food at the right time can help us stay lean and save us from the distractions. For a successful diet plan, it is important to have the right nutrition as well as the right portion to attain weight loss. If you are not capable of planning your own nutritional meal, no issues! With Nutrisystem diet plan you can achieve your goals. Most of the nutrition available in the market are costly, but here with Nutrisystem coupons get 3 weeks free. This means you get meals for three weeks absolutely free.

Do diet plans work?

People need to make healthy choices as well as take reduced calorie diet to stay fit and healthy. A number of studies have been carried out in the US just to know how is it possible to attain weight – by providing actual food or a daily diet plan.

During the study, a group of people were asked to follow a proper diet plan. After six months time, evaluation showed that such people lost an average of 10 kgs compared to the people who were not on a strict diet plan. Even after some months, the ratio of weight loss was more in the people who followed the structured diet plan.

How is diet plan effective?

So we have been observing that the people who followed a diet plan had better weight loss results. So the next question that strikes us is that what makes the plan work?

There are certain things which make a structured diet plan effective. They are –

  • Encourages proper meal planning
  • Lets you take three meals regularly
  • Makes you have the best quality food
  • Puts an end to the questions like what to have for dinner? What to take to the office?
  • Helps you keep a track of your food habit
  • Controls portions
  • Makes you have balanced diet

If you are focusing to see visible weight loss effects, this planned diet is just for you. You can either plan your diet on your own or get a planned diet from nutrition experts.

Do You Really Know Everything About Chelsea FC?

Do You Really Know Everything About Chelsea FC?

Chelsea FC is a well known English football club which is based in Fulham, London. It was established in 1905 and since then they have almost been in the top tier of the English Football. Chelsea FC is the only British club to win all the 3 main UEFA club competitions.

These are all the known facts about the club, but there are some facts which are still unknown to Chelsea FC fans. So let us have a look at all these unknown facts about this popular football club.

Chelsea FC Fact 1: Regular Kit Colours

Royal blue shirts and shorts with white socks are Chelsea’s traditional kit colours. The crest has been changed a lot of times in an attempt of re-branding the club in order to modernize its image. The present crest features a ceremonial lion rampant regardant which is holding a staff. This is a modification of one which was introduced in the early 1950s.

Chelsea FC Fact 2: League Titles

Considering their domestic record Chelsea has won 4 league titles, 4 League Cups, 7 FA Cups and 4 FA Community Shields. If you look at their continental record they have won 2 UEFA Cup Winner’s Cups, 1 UEFA Super Cup, 1 UEFA Champions League and 1 UEFA Europa League.

Chelsea FC Fact 3: Stadium

Since their foundation Chelsea has had only one home ground, Stamford Bridge where they have played since foundation. The stadium was inaugurated on 28th April 1877 and for almost 28 years of its existence, it was exclusively used by the London Athletics Club as an arena for athletics meetings.

Chelsea FC Fact 4: Chelsea Pitch Owners (CPO)

Now Chelsea’s naming rights, Stanford Bridge freehold, the pitch, and the turnstiles are owned by Chelsea Pitch Owners which is a non-profit organization in which fan are its shareholders. The major aim behind the creation of CPO was to make sure that the stadium is never sold back to the developers.

Chelsea FC fact 5: Supporters

Chelsea holds a record of having the 5th highest average attendance of all time in the English Football and has been successfully attracting over 40,000 fans to their home ground. In the 2012-13 season, they were the 6th best-supported Premier League team with an average gate of 41,462.